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Training Needs Analysis

The first thing any workplace must do when it comes to safety training is understand what safety training is required for each job role groupings. learnTrac automates this process by using a training matrix, so all you do is tick the job role, then tick the courses / training events that relate to the role and the rest is done for you.

If you are using a manual system, the Excel template below is a very useful tool. It also has many suggestions for the types of safety training that workplaces require.

On the job assessment

If you are asking employees to perform a set of tasks, its very important to have evidence the individual was competent prior to working unsupervised. There are serious penalties for failure to train workers particularly for high-risk work.

Typically, the way to train someone on the job is to Show, Do, Record – in other words, demonstrate the task, have the worker demonstrate the task back to you and then record the outcome. The individual should not be left unsupervised unless they can demonstrate competency and the competency is recorded. Below is a useful Work Instruction Template that can be used for this purpose and helps you capture the tasks that need to be trained.

learnTrac enables you to upload this competency assessment against the individual worker or group of workers after they have been trained and enables refresher dates to be set. This way documents are not lost, and you can easily put your hands on training records for an individual when you need them, for example in case of an incident where WorkSafe will ask for records.


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